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Freedoms To Donate Match Balls to Project Green Ball
The Philadelphia Freedoms have agreed to donate tennis balls from their 2013 season to Project Green Ball.  The Freedoms join the Boston Lobsters as the second Mylan World TeamTennis team to donate tennis balls to Project Green Ball. Wilson Sporting Goods has agreed to help facilitate the participation of the Freedoms in Project Green Ball.

The Freedoms have also agreed to provide Project Green Ball with exhibition space at the Freedoms’ home matches.  If you intend to attend Freedom home matches, we encourage you to bring your dead tennis balls to donate to Project Green Ball.  Project Green Ball will be collecting the balls at their exhibition space on Expo Alley.

If you are in the Philadelphia area and would like to volunteer for Project Green Ball at Freedoms home matches, please reach out Project Green Ball us at  They would love to get you involved with their collection efforts!
Project Green Ball is a sustainability initiative to coordinate innovative recycling programs for used tennis balls and to donate surfaces based on the recycled balls to organizations servicing people with disabilities or life threatening diseases.

Three hundred million tennis balls are manufactured worldwide each year (with over 125 million used in the US) and tons of balls are discarded into landfills each year. The balls decompose very slowly and take up space in landfills producing methane gas and contributing to global warming. Everyone is aware of reuse applications for tennis balls - bottoms of chairs and walkers and as toys for dogs. But there is a limit to how many balls each year can be put to this purpose. And, even if reused, ultimately these balls still remain in the waste stream and wind up in landfills. There is no industry solution to recycling tennis balls.

Project Green Ball is devoted to finding innovative means to recycle used tennis balls and they need your support and balls to make this a success.
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